Client Testimonials

The following is a sample of testimonials from our highly valued clients:
“When we planned transformation we had the option to renovate the house or build a new one. While more challenging, we chose the latter. The new systems are state-of-the-art and will keep ME competitive well into the future. The result is a brand-new piece of banking architecture that’s been built to be updated – future-proofing the Bank. That’s a structural advantage other organisations would be envious of.”
Jamie McPhee

Chief Executive Officer, ME Bank

“We have used the services of Fragile to Agile to provide the foundations for Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture. The wealth of knowledge provided by the team and their collaborative approach was excellent. The Business Capability Model is a tool that needs to sit in the back pocket of all Architects.”
Kerry Maidment-Grocke

Principal Business Systems Analyst, ElectraNet

“We had been finding it difficult to work out where we take our core product next. A typical legacy application, it had been developed over 20 years and was becoming increasingly costly and risky to maintain. Glenn worked with us to develop a SOA and guided us through our initial apprehension. He helped us reassure our stakeholders and we now have a robust Enterprise Service Bus and a group of users who are enthusiastically initiating new projects that would not have been previously possible. I highly recommend Fragile to Agile as an organisation that has great depth and understands the reality involved in taking non-technical stakeholders on a technical upgrade path that has real and lasting business benefit.”
Tom Moore

Chief Executive Officer, HAMBS

“As CIO of ME Bank I was engaged to execute on their Technology Transformation road map and it was a dream come true to walk into the quality of work completed by Fragile to Agile to prepare the program for execution. The Fragile to Agile methodology is second to none, their systematic approach and ability to maintain integrity of scope is the foundation of success. The success of the Transformation of ME Bank into the Digital Era was predicated on the brilliant work completed by Fragile to Agile in the assessment current stage, design of future state, and the creation of an executable road map; a road map that stood firm through 4 years of execution. Fragile to Agile worked closely with us through the entire execution to assist with maintaining scope and ensuring our delivery. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Fragile to Agile again in the future.”
Kathryn Hawkins

Chief Information Officer, ME Bank

“I have been involved in “IT projects” for over 35 years, initially as an SME and business analyst before moving in ICT leadership roles. This has given me significant insight into what works and what doesn’t and I am now a strong advocate for the BAT approach to systems renewal. Business, Architecture, Technology… always in that order, top down not bottom up. The Fragile to Agile Enterprise Architecture methodology fits that approach perfectly. It truly is Enterprise in that it engages with business leaders at the strategic and operating model level and reaches right through to detailed technical architecture. Most importantly, the language and communications vehicles, such as the Business Capability Model, can be understood across the organisation. Fragile to Agile have a unique value proposition in the Enterprise Architecture space”
Ian Bell

Chief Information Officer, Hills Holdings

“Internode is one of Australia’s leading Internet Service Provider brands, noted for its technical leadership and appeal to those requiring stable and reliable connectivity. Internode worked with Fragile to Agile to assist it in moving from an organisation that had grown rapidly over the years, into an agile and mature entity. The Business Capability Model that was developed first became a key reference for the Executive and senior Management group. In addition, the architectures developed from that helped mould the organisation, and especially the technology group, into a responsive and more efficient company.”
Jim Rayner

Chief Architect, Internode

“The best Programme Managers have learned through their experiences that to exceed rather than just succeed they have to think beyond the basics of project management. It is not enough just to know about scheduling, budgeting, subject matter, and so on. To be really successful, one has to look beyond the mundane and rise above the ordinary. ME Bank’s Transformation Programme did rise above the ordinary and Fragile to Agile where fundamental to that success. Backed by their brilliant methodology, the team from Fragile to Agile never lost sight of the big picture and worked tirelessly alongside us to make sure we delivered exceptional value to all of ME Bank’s stakeholders.”
Trevor Mason

Programme Manager, ME Bank

“Fragile to Agile was engaged by MyBudget to define and address issues and pain points associated with our rapid growth. They subsequently developed a technology rejuvenation program to transform our business and better enable our growth strategy and business expansion plans. During this process, Fragile to Agile also identified the challenges specific to our organisation that such a large scale change program can generate together with the explicit value that it will deliver, both of which has resonated strongly within our ranks. The Business Capability Model produced during the engagement is now used across the organisation as an important planning and communication tool to inform investment decision making, gain consensus regarding business priorities and foster a greater understanding of where best to apply resources to achieve the most value.”
David Bohn

Director, MyBudget

“Every organisation contemplating a revamp of its business and technology operations will significantly benefit by engaging Fragile to Agile before undertaking any such exercise. My conviction is based on the experience I gained with Fragile to Agile during a tender process as Temenos’ Business Development Manager for the core banking program for ME Bank in 2012. I found the Fragile to Agile team to be highly experienced, professional and highly motivated and they were able to meet their client’s objectives through the effective use of their unique Enterprise Architecture methodology. During my 25+ years of involvement in major projects I have rarely seen such clarity of planning, preparation and evaluation, and consistency of delivery of a multi-million dollar program of work than the ME Bank Customer & Product Transformation program. Fragile to Agile has proven they can ensure that an organisation can achieve its business and technology objectives on time and within budget by using their Enterprise Architecture approach. I wholeheartedly recommend Fragile to Agile to any senior executive who wants to effect sustainable change and a prosperous career in today’s rapidly changing environment.”
Steven Dujin

Business Development Manager, Temenos

“Successful and sustainable digital transformation requires a focus on design – if you are on or planning a transformation, an investment in an enterprise architecture is essential. Fragile to Agile’s approach makes strategy executable and solidifies the necessary foundation from which to build the future. Fragile to Agile comes with my highest recommendation.”
Chris Organ

Chief Technology Officer, HAMBS

“Using a comprehensive methodology that was accessible across different facets of our business, Fragile to Agile helped us to establish a vision for our technology needs. This included the development of a Business Capability Model to map our current technology architecture and assess how well our existing applications were serving the business capabilities they were supporting. The model was also used to plot a target state architecture to address gaps and shortfalls in functionality and better enable the desired business outcomes that were formulated during the process. Throughout the engagement, Fragile to Agile employed a highly collaborative and inclusive approach and leveraged its extensive expertise to deliver the quality outcome we were expecting. This gave us insight into our business that would have otherwise been difficult to achieve.”
Rob McKeon

Chief Technology Officer, Adam Internet

* Please note that position titles stated above were current at the time of the Fragile to Agile engagement.