Enterprise Architecture Essentials

The Must-Have Tools for Digital Transformation

The Fragile to Agile Enterprise Architecture Essentials course is an interactive and hands on learning experience to foster a greater appreciation of Enterprise Architecture and how to best apply its concepts and techniques in a pragmatic way to achieve successful business change.

Course Overview

Designed for both existing and aspiring Enterprise Architects and for those that want to deepen their understanding of the discipline, our EA Essentials course is an interactive learning experience to establish a foundation of Enterprise Architecture concepts and techniques and how to apply them in a practical way to effect successful business change.

The course delivers an interactive and dynamic learning experience by combining theory, practicals and working examples of enterprise architecture concepts and techniques.

The course content also includes thought provoking discussions based on actual applications of enterprise architecture artefacts in a corporate context and how they have enabled business strategy.

Key Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Understand the promise of Enterprise Architecture and how it can be applied within any organisational context;
    • Articulate the value of Enterprise Architecture to both business representatives and technologists;
    • Understand the difference between Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture;
    • Value Enterprise Architecture as a business enabler, not a business driver;
    • Undertake Business Capability Modelling and demonstrate its value;
    • Define a solution roadmap for an organisation’s solutions;
    • Understand  the key success factors for BPM/SOA.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for:

    • Existing and aspiring Enterprise Architects wanting to broaden their understanding of the discipline and how to gain design alignment;
    • Solution Architects who desire a deeper appreciation of Enterprise Architecture and how their role complements the practice;
    • Business Architects wanting to understand how business design aligns with the design of an organisation as a whole;
    • Business Analysts seeking to know how to better integrate enterprise requirements into their understanding of the business as a whole;
    • Domain Architects wanting to enhance their ability to articulate domain strategies in a broader business context;
    • IT Strategists who require knowledge regarding how enterprise architecture can inform IT strategy and business outcomes;
    • Enterprise Architecture Practice Managers seeking a more detailed understanding of enterprise architecture concepts and techniques.

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Date:       8th – 10th February 2023

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