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Fragile to Agile regularly updates links to various third party publications, presentations and multimedia content for its website visitors to access. If you have any suggestions on what resources you would like to see in the future or would like to submit a resource to be listed, please contact us.


Business Process Management BPM. Improve Business Processes

Pixar’s Randy Nelson on the Collaborative Age

RSA Animate – Motivation



Enterprise Architecture as Strategy
by Jeanne W. Ross
Enterprise architecture defines a firm's needs for standardized tasks, job roles, systems, infrastructure, and data in core business processes. This book explains enterprise architecture's vital role in enabling - or constraining - the execution ...
Software Fortresses
by Roger Sessions
This book introduces a new approach for modeling large enterprise systems: the software fortress model. In the software fortress model, an enterprise architecture is viewed as a series of self-contained, mutually suspicious, marginally ...
Architecture Body of Knowledge TM
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