Data Architecture Essentials

Discover the True Value of Information

Data Architecture Essentials is to help position you and your organisation for success in unlocking the value in your organisation’s information and data assets and, at the same time, address the accumulated issues from the past that are holding you back. Unlock the real power of rich data for your organisation.

Course Overview

Intended as a primer to enable business and technology people gain a sound foundation for data in business including the issues, challenges and risks organisations face when dealing with data. The course describes methods to mitigating these risks, addressing the issues and approaches to the challenges, all delivered through an engaging interactive experience.

The program includes a combination of theory, practicals and opportunities for reflection on each module to encourage participants to fit their learnings into their needs and past experiences.

The content is designed based on real world applications for Data Architecture and presents participants with a sound and pragmatic approach for use within any organisation.

Key Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Understand the role and value of data, information and
      knowledge in an organisation
    • Understand the role of data and information for insight
    • Understand the industry of data
    • Understand data risks, security, privacy concepts and regulations
    • Understand and managing your data
    • Understand data models and how to create them
    • Understand the elements of data governance and the steps
      required to implement it
    • Understand the link between business and data design
    • Use a shared view of the business for business data design
    • Understand and implementation of Data Quality Management

Intended Audience

This course is designed for:

    • Data Administrators who want to gain a better feel for how data can impact a business from strategy to execution.
    • Enterprise Architects wanting to broaden their understanding of the data and information in detail;
    • Solution Architects who desire a deeper appreciation of Enterprise Architecture and how their role complements the practice;
    • Business Architects wanting to understand how business design aligns with data architecture in an organisational context;
    • Business Analysts seeking to know how to better integrate enterprise requirements into their understanding of the business as a whole;
    • Other Domain Architects wanting to enhance their ability to articulate domain strategies in a broader business context;

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