End to End Approach to Digital Transformation

The Fragile to Agile End-to-End Approach to Digital Transformation supports the entire endeavour to successfully execute business change and transformation. It can be used for all elements of business change from strategic planning, conceptual design and logical design to the physical delivery of change. Using the approach consistently throughout the entire change process also greatly simplifies common issues such as governance, investment prioritisation and the assessment of a change initiative’s adherence to strategic business intent.

Due to the modular design, there are significant advantages for an organisation to adopt any of the individual components of the approach, with distinct transition points allowing an organisation to adopt as much, or as little, of the approach as needed.

However, there are considerable additional benefits to be gained by adopting the entire approach. For instance, many organisations use different approaches to strategic planning than those used for implementing change. This can lead to a disconnection between the strategic intent of a change initiative and how it is actually delivered. Similarly, the link between strategic planning and which initiatives are funded and executed, or the investment and prioritisation process, is often tenuous leading to a suboptimal use of the organisation’s limited IT resources, a disparity in the functionality delivered and an inadequate realisation of projected benefits.

The diagram below depicts the Fragile to Agile approach to Digital Transformation:


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