Management Consulting Services

Thrive and Survive Through Strategy

We can help you find the best pathway to the optimal performance of your business, deliver your desired outcomes and your future vision through our extensive experience in business strategy.

Management Consulting Services

Investment & Prioritisation Establishment

Ensuring you are doing the right things

The Fragile to Agile Investment & Prioritisation Framework provides a consistent mechanism for choosing which business change initiatives to fund and how much funding to allocate. It ensures you are doing the right things to maximise the value of your critical resources.


Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting, Advice & Mentoring

Build capability in your people
At Fragile to Agile we pride ourselves that our services are always tailored to your organisation’s needs and encompasses skills building and transfer. This service is designed as our “catch-all” management consulting service that encompasses that philosophy.
Management Consulting Advice and Mentoring

Management Consulting Services

Technology  Leadership Applied Mentoring

Enabling people orientated technology leaders

Our Applied (CxO) Mentoring services provide top tier technology (CIO and CTO) experienced resources as a service ensuring any CxO, from nascent to experienced, has access to expertise with hands-on experience in developing world class CxO functions.

CxO Mentoring

Management Consulting Services

Information Technology Strategy Development

Aligning technology strategy with business strategy

The IT strategy development service provides end-to-end development of a strategy for an IT function focused on optimising in-line with their broader enterprise.
IT Strategy Development

Management Consulting Services

Merger & Demerger Technology Due Diligence

Ensuring No Technology M&A Surprises
Generally merger/demerger due diligence is a process of verification, investigation, or audit of the potential deal to confirm all relevant facts and financial information and to verify anything else that was brought up during an M&A deal or investment process. What is often underdone is due diligence on the assumptions about the effort required, and potential synergies to be garnered, from technology rationalisation. This service addresses that gap and ensures there are no technology surprises post-merger contract execution.
Merger and Demerger Planning

Management Consulting Services

Machinery of Government Change Planning

Ensuring everything is covered

Machinery of Government (MOG) changes typically require significant technology change to affect. This service ensures you have accurate estimates of effort required and a clear program of work to implement this change.
Machinery of Government

Management Consulting Services

Project Management

Ensuring smooth execution

Our Project Management Service is delivered by highly skilled and experienced Project Managers, supported where needed by the extensive business, technology, and transformation planning experience from our extended team.
Project Management

Management Consulting Services

Business Case Development

A submission ready outcomes and benefits driven business case

Leveraging our extensive experience, we will work with you to develop a strong viable business case for investment and funding support. We can ensure that proper benefits can be realised and cases are outcomes driven with all proper supporting figures.
Business Case Development

Management Consulting Services

Post Merger Integration Project Management

Ensuring maximum synergies from mergers
Our PMI project management services is similar in offering to our project management services with a focus on Day 2 PMI; we enhance this service through the provisioning of experienced resources with past PMI experience and a focus on ensuring merger deals live up to predicted value. Further this service is expansive, as due to their very nature PMI project manager roles extend far beyond technology and are often unable to re-prioritise elements, thus the skillset needed is multi-faceted.
Post Merger PM

Management Consulting Services

Benefits Realisation Management

Ensuring value is delivered

Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) is a process of identifying, planning, managing, and evaluating the intended benefits of an investment.
Benefits Realisation

Management Consulting Services

Financial Business Analysis

Getting your numbers right
Our financial business analysis service applies rigorous financial analysis models to your investments involving considerable technology spend. Ranging from specific projects to overall strategic financial analysis.
Financial Analysis

Management Consulting Services

Digital Readiness Assessment

Understand how ready you are to transform

This service assesses the readiness of your organisation for digital enablement/transformation. It assesses all aspects of your organisation, including at a minimum Strategy, Business Architecture/Design, People readiness and technology foundations.
Digital Readiness

Ensuring smooth execution

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