We’re thrilled to share the strides made in our partnership with Flinders Port Holdings, as highlighted in our new customer case study!

Teaming up with Fragile To Agile, Flinders Port Holdings is transforming from a traditional port to one driven by innovation. This strategic alliance is enabling Flinders Port Holding to evolve into a Smart Port, incorporating cutting-edge technology to boost business agility, customer experience, operational efficiency, and operations.

Highlights and successes from our journey to date include:

  • Business Agility, Customer Experience, and Operational Efficiency have all significantly elevated, reshaping the way Flinders Port Holdings operates and delivers value to their stakeholders.
  • Development and implementation of robust architecture, cyber, and portfolio governance.
  • Deployment of key technology enablers like integration platforms, data centres, cloud infrastructure, and advanced data platforms.
  • Introduction of new business capabilities in CRM, GRC, and project management, alongside vital application enhancements.
  • Pioneering innovation with 5G, predictive trade forecasting, automation, and AI optimisation.

This transformation has not only streamlined operations but also solidified a strong foundation for future success and strategic advancements.

Check out the full video to see how we’re partnering with Flinders Port Holdings to transform challenges into opportunities together!

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