Our Services

Due to the diversity of our highly valued clients, we offer tailored engagements to meet their needs and yield the most business value. Acting as a foundation builder for our portfolio of services, our Value Assessment service can be applied to organisations of any size and scale and within any industry context. As a prerequisite service, it allows us to align and customise one or a combination of our related services.

In full consultation with our clients, we lend an experienced and objective perspective which is respectful of their organisational dynamics and constraints, to ensure the service delivers the following outcomes:

  • A high level narrative of observations and findings of the efficacy of their Enterprise Architecture;
  • Identification of opportunities to derive the greatest value from an effective Enterprise Architecture for their specific organisational context;
  • Strengthen the quality of our estimates to give planning certainty and firm, not to exceed pricing for future engagements.

Consequently, this service not only provides us with valuable insight into our clients’ issues and opportunities but they develop a greater understanding of the maturity and efficiency of their EA practice and how well their technology is serving business needs. And, due to the outcomes provided, our clients derive tangible business value from the service whether subsequent services are acquired or not.

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Our collaborative partnering model ensures that we can adapt this and any of our services to accommodate the specific dynamics and needs of any organisation. A sample of our other services is listed below.

Business Capability Modelling

Our unique approach to Business Capability Modelling provides a pivotal design tool that is suitable for both high level business consulting (e.g. informing investment decision making) and deep architecture design (e.g. determining correct service granularity).

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Target State Determination

This service provides a highly consultative approach in determining an organisation’s target state for its applications, solutions and services which is realistic and achievable.

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Targeted Strategic Roadmaps

We provide assistance in developing well-designed and business driven targeted roadmaps for any or all domains of design.

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Architecture Governance Establishment

Whether an organisation’s Enterprise Architecture is established or an emerging discipline, we can assist in the formation of its architecture governance and/or uplift internal skills to derive the most value from the practice.

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Investment & Prioritisation Process

This service recognises that organisations must ensure that their funding and prioritisation of change initiatives supports and enables their strategic aspirations and business outcomes.

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BPM / SOA Readiness Assessment

We can employ our extensive knowledge and experience to assist organisations adopting BPM and/or SOA strategies to assess how well positioned they are for the change.

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Project Conceptual Design

Our Solution and/or Business Architects can work with organisations to develop high level solution designs and business cases for change initiatives of any size, tactical or strategic.

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Service Container Definition

For organisations adopting BPM, SOA, Lean Manufacturing or a Services Based Business vision, the determination of service containers is a fundamental design decision to facilitate these initiatives of which we have extensive expertise.

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Operating Model Determination

Every organisation’s Operating Model influences the decisions it needs to make to enable and support its business capabilities and we have experience in identifying the most appropriate model according to an organisation’s business needs and priorities.

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Current State Assessment

This service provides a unique visual representation of which applications and services enable an organisation’s business capabilities, where duplication or gaps exists and how well they support those capabilities.

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Business Transformation Program Development

We specialise in designing predictable and achievable solution roadmaps for an organisation’s business and technology solutions to support and enable large scale digital and business transformation initiatives.

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Reference Architecture Development

For any of the domains of design in our Integrated Architecture Framework, we can design and deliver a detailed reference architecture including context, diagrams, language standardisation and design principles.

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EA Practice Establishment

We can assist with the formation of an organisation’s EA practice to ensure there is a structured approach and design principles to maintain the currency of its architecture, ongoing compliance of change initiatives and the design integrity of the organisation as a whole.

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Merger Planning

Our integrated approach to Enterprise Architecture can assist organisations in making optimal design decisions when confronting the challenges and opportunities of mergers and acquisitions.

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Data Model Delivery

This service defines and analyses data requirements to enable business capabilities. It models data in a standard, consistent and predictable manner to deliver a logical data model which acts as the single source of truth for the data needs of solution design and data governance. This also provides the base from which a canonical data model can developed, if required.

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Business Intent Definition

Using a facilitated technique, we help organisations to identify its business intent at a strategic or project level. The business outcomes generated from this exercise are expressed from multiple perspectives and ensure that the design elements of an organisation’s strategy and change initiatives are business driven and aligned to predefined outcomes.

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