It seems that everyone is talking about agility these days. It’s the passion of Fragile to Agile to make real the seemingly elusive promise of a truly agile organisation. For many organisations this will be a multi-year journey. One of our core strengths is designing this transition so that it not only delivers the promised strategic value but tangible business outcomes incrementally throughout the journey.

Whilst we specialise in assisting organisations to achieve a material uplift in agility, we have also successfully designed and governed a wide variety of business change initiatives. We can also assist organisations to improve their ability to identify the most optimal design and investment decisions to deliver those changes successfully.

Our unique approach is specifically designed to resonate with both business and technology executives by closely aligning the business, people and technology domains of design in order to deliver true agility in any market context.

* Please note that position titles stated above were current at the time of the Fragile to Agile engagement.

Brand Promise

We identify the right change and make it predictable

Value Proposition

We help you deliver your strategy with confidence whilst minimising cost and risk and maximising agility

What We Do

We help align your business, people and technology design and ensure they are driven by your business intent